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"Pro-skin Rosacea has made me feel confident again"

"I've had rosacea for the past couple of years, which had become progressively worse with time and my face was constantly red.

Since using Pro-skin Rosacea the overall redness of my face has gone, it did so within a matter of days using the cream.

I use it day and night and apart from the odd flair up of the smallest of pimples on my cheeks and nose, nothing like prior to using the cream, my Rosacea has cleared up.

I was beginning to get really down about the colour of my skin and the spots on my cheeks and nose but Pro-skin Rosacea has made me feel confident again.

Pro-skin Rosacea is brilliant and not only that it is natural and cruelty free, unlike anything you'd get prescribed by a dermatologist. If you suffer from Rosacea you'd be mad not to try this cream."

— Yvonne,
Nottinghamshire, UK

"Salveation was a salvation for me"

"All I can say is that Salveation was a salvation for me.

I suffer from a rather embarrassing rash (let me put it this way it’s in a place where the sun doesn’t shine).

My doctor gave me a row for using a fungicidal/steroid combo cream daily as it has side effects.

He and my pharmacist both prescribed petroleum jelly in lieu of this but it was useless.

I luv salveation and considering you ship from across the pond the service is always spot on.

Natural products rule!"

— C. Karlson,
Philadelphia, US

Girl Meets Dress Meets Mama Nature










We hope you are just as excited as we are. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY we are partnering with the fabulous GIRL MEETS DRESS. With every order you place with them you will receive a £10 Mama Nature gift voucher. So as well as looking fab in your designer dress your skin will also look great.

Spectacular all round we say.

There are many key benefits of hiring a dress from GIRL MEETS DRESS for your event such as;

  • Wear an expensive designer dress at a fraction of the cost.
  • Choose from world renowned designer brands such as Marc Jacobs,Victoria Beckham and Alexander McQueen.
  • Full refund for anything returned unworn.
  • Order and try on up to 2 long and 3 short dresses.
  • From £29, 4000 new season dress, 150+ brands.
  • Free stylist advice and dress suggestions.
  • UK & Europe next day delivery
  • Free dry cleaning.
  • Order on-line or book a London showroom appointment.

Don’t miss out on this fabulous offer. Please order from GIRL MEETS DRESS today.

We think your worth it 🙂


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