"I love all of your moisturisers"

"I love all of your moisturisers. They smell fantastic and my skin feels silky smooth. It must be the essential oils.

The oily/dry patches have improved to the point where I am now happy with my skin. I will most definitely be trying some of your other products."

— B. Davenport,
London, UK

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"I am a long term psoriasis sufferer and do not know how your products worked but they did.

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Skincare Routine Essentials

Contributed by Gwen Lewis

As a new season is about to begin, it’s time to re-evaluate your skincare routine. How we nurture our skin changes with the seasons. The products we use in warm, sweaty summer months aren’t compatible with cooler autumn temperatures and frigid wintry wind chills.

When you’re packing away your summer must-have essentials—sundresses, sandals, shorts and swimwear—you also need to head to the bathroom and start cleaning out your summer beauty products, too. It’s time to say goodbye to those bronzers, light moisturisers, and summery cosmetics colors.

Yes, it may be sad to pack away—or completely discard—some of those favorite products, but cooler seasons require completely different products, formulations and even colors. Falling temperatures often dry out our skin, making it feel tighter and causing wrinkles to become more noticeable. Winter brings on those crackling, dried out painful skin problems…and our skincare routine must integrate products that help seal in moisture and combat severely dry and chapped skin.

Making the transition from warmer summer days to cool crisp autumn doesn’t need to be a shock to your skin or your wallet, however. You can keep some products from your beauty arsenal, but you also need to invest in products that will protect and nourish your skin for the grueling weather that’s ahead.

Not sure what you need? Or what you might keep? Check out this list of winter beauty must-haves for happy skin:


If you just purchased a new bottle of sunscreen, keep it for the winter. UV rays can still harm skin even during cooler temperatures. Use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher on areas that will be exposed to the sun. You should always use sunscreen on your face!


That light dewy moisturiser isn’t going to cut it this winter! Go for heavy nourishing creams that are meant to keep moisture locked into skin. Keep bottles, tubes or tubs of hand creams in handbags to ensure that you always have moisturiser…on hand! Bitter cold temps will assault the skin, so keep hands and other weather-prone areas moisturised often. Make it a habit to also use cream after washing your hands! For facial moisturisers, choose a formula that is best-suited to your skin type. Dry skin needs extra nourishment and moisturising so choose a formula especially suited to dry skin.

Lip Service

Don’t forget to protect delicate lips during cooler months! Our lips get chapped with bitter cold, so protect them with medicated lip balms that also feature an SPF. I prefer to use natural balms that are free of petroleum products, but if you love your balm and it works…keep it!

Shower and Bath Bliss

To ensure skin stays well hydrated even in the shower or bath, add in bath wash, bath oils or soaps that provided added moisture for skin. After shaving, add more moisturiser! I like to use coconut oil after shaving, as it smells great and keeps my skin supple and soft. However, the beauty of cooler months is that you can get away with shaving less…which means fewer red shaving bumps and ingrown hairs!

Autumn Colors

Autumn means falling leaves and wonderful colors. Adjust your beauty palettes accordingly to create perfect looks for the new season. Opt for earthy hues, bolder berry-hued lips and even metallics. Remember to change up your foundation to accommodate for a lighter complexion. And, please, send the waterproof products to the trash!

As you make the clothes transition from summer to autumn, be sure to dress appropriately. Autumn brings cool crisp temps, and skin begins to crave more moisture. Treat yourself to a few new winter worthy moisturisers and a few new shades for eyes and lips. And even though you’ll be rocking layers and heavier clothes, don’t forget to use sunscreen!

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