"Best I have ever used on my little boys"

"May I say – your coconut & olive baby oil is the best I have ever used on my little boys. The younger one gets cradle cap badly and it is completely gone since I used your baby oil.

I put a few drops in their bath also and it leaves their skin lovely and soft. It is a fine natural product. You should be proud of it."

— T. Robinson,
Brighton, UK

"I gave up all hope of finding a cure"

"My baby girl is now 18 months and has suffered from eczema since she was born. I gave up all hope of finding a cure as I have been to see my doctor loads of times.

Someone recommended your baby rescue cream on a forum and I gave it a go.

It is marvellous, she has responded to the cream very well and there are only some small red patches on her legs which you can hardly notice.

I have thanked the woman on the forum and now I thank you."

— C. Malone,
Galway, Ireland

The Mama Nature Story

The Mama Nature Story…

Mother Nature looked around at all the issues plaguing our skin, from acne to rosacea to eczema and nappy rash. She was saddened by the harsh synthetic formulations that were in such widespread use. With a heavy heart, she wondered to herself, “Have I been forgotten? Don’t they realize I can help?” So, she was determined to do something. Mother Nature has been so kind as to share with us her bounty (and powerful recipes!) in order to help as many people as possible — as long as we return the favor by caring for our planet and everything on it.

At first, we were hesitant. Was this really the answer?

With a kind smile, she challenged us. “Try it.  You’ll see.”

So we did.

And … our years of suffering  through no help from doctors, specialists, or modern medicine … finally came to an end. We wiped away tears of joy. Thank you, Mother Nature!

“Call me Mama.”

And thus, our skincare company Mama Nature was born. Our mission is to transform our customers’ lives using the nurturing and healing magic of Mother Nature. Because, Everybody Needs the Mama Touch.

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We want to share the magic with the world.

In order to give everybody the chance to experience Mama Nature’s transformative touch, we offer:

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  • 60 day money back guarantee >>
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We want to better the world.

We feel it is our moral obligation not only to “do no harm” in this world, but to improve it. Therefore, we:

  • Give a portion of our profits to Great Ormond Street Hospital and a host of other charities
  • Use safe, organic, natural ingredients that we source responsibly
  • Do not test on animals
  • Use recycled packaging

We want to help you transform into your best self.

If you’re feeling frustrated or hopeless due to a skin condition or concern, Mama Nature is here to help. With free delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to take this step forward to a better quality of life. Our all-natural formulations have helped thousands, and we want to help you, too. In the words of Mama Nature — Try it. You’ll see!

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“I never expected your Rosacea cream to work. I wish my doctor had prescribed it all those years ago. However no point looking back YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE.”

D. Patesh, Crewe

“Your anti-wrinkle creams are amazing and I absolutely love your face masks. My skin has never looked or felt better. Thanks xx.”

C. Cooper, Brighton

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